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Another commissioned piece!

This time, it's a bracelet for little Chrissabel who is the 5 year old charge of my Auntie. (OK, the real story is that she's a tad chubbier than Shea. Hence couldn't fit into Shea's elastic bracelet. So my mum wanted me to make something that could actually go round Chrissabel's wrist that's not a tourniquet.)

And you know what? I actually enjoy making the kiddy stuff so much that I am starting a children's line!!! It's called BAMBINO.

I mean how often have I bought stuff for myself and I wished that it came in a kiddy/shorter/safer version that Shea could wear too?

And I can go all pink and saccharine and girly without guilt!

It's uncanny how the older we grow, we (some of us, at least) start to retrograde to our childhood and enjoy having the quirky Snowman, Pilsbury Doughboy, Fire Engine, Barbie logo, etc on our trinkets. But as a kid, all you really want is a glamourous string of your mummy's most glamourous (slash: obiang) bling bling ka-ching in your size?

At the end of the day, aren't we all kiddos at heart?

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