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Dexterous Fingers, Deteriorating Eyesight.

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Well, that's what I've been getting in exchange for my latest craze.
So why don't I make some money to get that eyesight corrected?

There are just oodles of things happening on the bead scene for me to put them together with the rest of my world.

I will not name the pieces frivolous romantic names as the best I can come up with are:

"Venus Picks Her Nose with Golden Scythe"
"Call Me Glitter Doll or Suck My Balls"
"Red Rooster Rises Early Like A Cherry Cock"

... see how good I am at naming?

Hence, they will simply be "Item: Number".

OK, for the heck of it, I will just name them ... only in the comments.

Pricing-wise: the cost of the pieces vary with the cost of the beads, the items, the level of intricacy and the amount of time.

And don't worry, medical costs for my punctured fingertips, the extraction of fishball sized beads that Shea swallows for a laugh and ruined manicures are NOT included.

With love, from Bishan.

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