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Earrings: 9 is SOLD OUT. I can't find those butterflies anywhere ... Here's as close as I got.

Click above to view larger image.

Price: S$28

To order: Email

hello, if it isn't inconvenient for you, could you post a picture of how the earrings look like when they are worn? =) they look nice as it is but i will like to know how they fit on the ear.. whether they reach below the chin, for instance.. thank you!
oh and erm how do i place an order? i tried searching your site on ordering info but it eluded me..


Hey Xiaoqi

Hmm ... looks like I'm not a very good businesswoman! Here are the details:

The width of the smaller butterfly is 2.2 cm, length is 6.2cm from the top of the butterfly till the bottom of the hanging chain.

The width of the larger butterfly is 3.9cm and the length from the top hoop of the pearl bead to the bottom of the pearl bead beaneath the butterfly is is 5.8cm.

They are slightly longer than my chin when worn.

Email me at to order? And oh yes, I will email you a pic of half of my face when it's worn ... ;)


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