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Patron Feature 1: Tressa

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Say Hi to TRESSA!

Tressa'spicture here kick starts the side series that focuses on the kind, kind people who like what I make and give me their relentless support. I thank you all.

From New York, Tressa has the honour of being my first overseas customer. I've been bugging her for her picture since I will never get to see her. Other than looking great in her photo, Tressa has an inspiring story to tell about her life and I will leave it to you to find out from her blog and beyond. It opened me to the fact that it is possible to regain my pre-pregnancy weight (ok, my first effort was to skip supper).

The jewellery that I make is always about people. Going back to what got me started, it was a farewell gift for sweet ex-colleague Jacqui.

This is hereby a call for all those who are wearing stuff that I've made, whether it's a gift (from me or somebody else) or you've purchased it - send me a picture (colour or b/w, it's up to you but I will edit it to b/w for consistency) of you wearing it! Drop me a couple of lines and a link to your site/blog if you have any and I will feature you on my blog.

Reach me at

Once again, thanks Tressa.

With love from Abigael who's keeping it real for real people.

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